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Richard Burry

Richard Burry is the founder and CEO of Smartvu Ltd. His leadership of the company is based on more than 35 years of professional achievement, including wide-ranging technology, business start-up and management experience.

Richard Burry created Smartvu Ltd. to be a global investment company that specializes in online e-commerce businesses. Previously, he founded Web Krew S.A., an Internet development company focusing on webcams, SEO, online directories, web hosting, emails and website design and development.

Richard Burry has also served as Director of PC Interactive Services for Shaw Communications. There, he oversaw the development and operation of a residential Internet service delivered to customers over high-speed cable modems. His areas of responsibility included sales, marketing, finance, technology, content development, installation, maintenance and customer support.

Richard Burry also has experience as Director of Information Systems for CUC Broadcasting Ltd. In that role, he was responsible for maintaining the information systems of a 500-person, $100 million broadcasting business which included Trillium Communications Ltd., Trillium Network Services and NPC.

He also worked as a Computer Services Manager, LAN Analyst and PC Analyst for William Neilson Limited (Neilson/Cadbury). He was responsible for AS/400, PC LAN/WAN, data and telecommunications. In this role he managed 10 technical and professional staff who supported over 250 computer users and 500 phone users at this 800-person $190 million confection manufacturing business.

Previously, Richard was an Information Systems Consultant with John Forsyth Trading. There, he designed and developed a multi-user sales system for order entry, planning, manufacturing, delivery, and inventory. He also designed and installed a LAN connecting a System 38 minicomputer, remote and local PCs, fax machines, barcode printers and an SL1 PBX.

At Peridigm, he worked as a Programmer/Analyst who designed and developed a variety of custom software packages (accounting, barcoding, inventory, scheduling) for various client firms.

His interests include sailing, poker, biking, swimming, board games, art/design, investing, travel, music, drones and American football.


Q. In your role as CEO of Smartvu Ltd., what is your strategy for leveraging your extensive experience in emerging high tech industries to stay on top of the rapidly evolving e-commerce world?


Richard Burry: It’s a challenge, but it’s how my mind works. It loves actively networking, researching new opportunities, and tracking trends. This kind of consistent engagement allows me to identify investment opportunities in the ever-changing landscape of high-tech business, and e-commerce in particular.  


 Q. Considering the shift in dynamics within online commerce, especially as impacted by the pandemic, how do you view the evolving role of location in e-commerce businesses, and what strategic adjustments do you believe are essential for sustained growth in this environment?


Richard Burry:  The pandemic accelerated the understanding of the potential of remote work and the digital business model. Consumers can buy anywhere, merchants can sell globally, and investors can explore opportunities while traveling. The old rules no longer apply and the real estate axiom “location, location, location” can be viewed in a whole new context. 


Q. With your unconventional and freewheeling approach to business, how big a role does  improvisation contribute to your creativity and what strategies do you employ to test and implement new ideas?


Richard Burry:  I believe in trying out various approaches, observing how others operate and imagining new ways to achieve similar results. This playful sort of reverse engineering others’ success allows me to capture new ideas, sometimes extraordinary ones. Sometimes they don’t work. But I’m always looking to catch lightning in a bottle one more time.


Q. Given your extensive experience and success in the ecommerce space, what do you consider the most significant challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs entering this highly competitive landscape?


Richard Burry:  The digital business landscape presents tremendous challenges and opportunities. Entrepreneurs should stay informed, anticipate industry shifts, and build a resilient mindset to navigate challenges effectively. In the dynamic ecommerce industry, adaptability is crucial for success.


Q. With your unique perspective on the evolving rules of online commerce, how do you envision the future of ecommerce business models, and what key trends do you believe will shape the sector in the near and long term?


Richard Burry:  Keeping an eye on emerging trends and understanding consumer behaviors will be crucial. I believe the industry will continue to witness innovations in technology, changing consumer preferences, and the continuous blurring of geographical boundaries in online transactions. 


Q. In your global dealings and networking within the ecommerce world, what qualities do you value most in collaborators and partners, and how do you ensure effective communication and synergy despite geographical distances and diverse business environments?


Richard Burry:  Collaborations are key in the global ecommerce industry. I value qualities like integrity, innovative thinking, and a shared commitment to excellence. Despite geographic distances, ensuring effective communication involves leveraging advanced collaboration tools, regular virtual meetings, and fostering a culture of open and transparent communication. That ensures a seamless synergy in our goals and strategies. 


Q. Given the transformative nature of the digital era, how do you stay abreast of industry shifts, and what roles does continuous learning play in ensuring Smartvu’s continued success?


Richard Burry:  Staying ahead of the curve requires constant learning. It takes ongoing research, attending important conferences, and fostering a culture of curiosity within Smartvu. Continuous learning and adaptability are paramount. And embracing change allows us to proactively help share the future.

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